milia removalMilia is a condition that is caused by dead skin cells getting trapped inside pores causing inflammation and a white or yellow head to form which contains a protein called keratin, the head is usually 1mm or 2mm wide and should be removed by a dermatologist.

There are several different types of milia (see our milia causes article) And depending on the cause it can be treated different ways. The process of milia removal by a dermatologist involves a sterile small gauge needle which is used to unroof the milia, he then extracts the keratin and leaves the area to heal. This process should result in minimal or no scarring. On average milia removal cost would be between £30-£75 depending on the amount of milia and time involved.

If you would like to attempt milia removal at home there are several milia removal products which have had success with milia treatment even though it could take significantly longer. There are a number of milia cream like Naturalis, Tretanoin gel and Beta Hydroxy Acid that you apply to the affected area and leave to dry. There’s also the option of extraction, fruit acid peel or dermabrasion.

milia removalThere are two types of milia that should never be treated at home. They are, milia found on babies, since it is considered natural and should disappear over time, if it doesn’t consult a milia removal dermatologist. The other type is milia under eyes and eyelids, since most of the home treatments involve creams with strong chemicals in them, applying it to your eyelids is not a good idea.

Milia can be avoided by following a good exfoliating process daily, gently exfoliating helps to prevent milia from forming and makes milia removal easier by removing dead skin cells and thinning the layer of skin around milia.