Milia is mainly caused by dead skin cells getting trapped in pores, milia causes skin inflammation and tiny little white bumps filled with a protein called keratin, it is usually 1 or 2mm wide and can be pale white or yellow.milia causesSince milia has many different causes, we need to look at the milia symptoms and distinguish between the different milia effects by looking at the five types.

Milia Types

Neonatal milia: This type of milia is usually found in young babies soon after birth. It is very common and normally occurs around the nose, cheeks, scalp, upper body or inside of their mouths. It arises from sweat glands that are not fully developed and the milia causes cells to form the protein. About 50% of babies develop neonatal milia and it is considered normal and known as baby sometimes referred to as baby acne causes which is neonatal milia.

Primary milia: Caused by dead skin cells that get cought in pores and causes milia to form and is found in adults and children.

Secondary milia: These develop in an area that has been previously injured or damaged. What happens is, the sweat glands get damaged healing after a burn or rash and causes milia to form in that area. It may also be caused by certain skin creams.

Milia en plaque: This milia develop on a raised area of skin, such as ears, eyelids, jaw or cheek area and is mainly found in middle-aged women.

Multiple eruptive milia: When milia form little groups or crops it is known as multiple eruptive milia, usually found on upper arms or the chest area. This type is also not very common and could affect any age group.

As we can see there are different milia causes in adults and children, Milia removal should be done by a professional, but milia causes can be treated with certain products at home.